Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tell 'em she's cominggggggggggg!!!

You know, I'm not sure how I feel about this one, Craig. My love for the Limey one-sheet knows no bounds, but I don't think Muriel is the smoking type. Then again, that might explain the strange smell I come home to after a long day at work.

But anyway, in case you haven't heard, tomorrow begins the unveiling of this year's Muriel Awards. For this year's Muriels, I've gathered a voting body of twenty online critics and cinephiles (including myself) from the far corners of the Interweb to help me determine the best cinematic achievements from 2007, and a few other years besides. They are, in alphabetical order:

Jason Alley
Danny Baldwin
Kent Beeson
Andrew Bemis
Scott Black
Steve Carlson
Dennis Cozzalio
Chris Devlin
James Frazier
Craig Kennedy
Martin McClellan
Phil Nugent
Jason Overbeck
Mark Pfeiffer
Nathaniel Rogers
Adam Ross
Jenny Sekwa
Hedwig van Driel
Bryan Whitefield

My thanks go out to all of them for participating in the Muriels. Special thanks go to Craig for the awesome mock-posters you've seen here and on his blog throughout this past week, Martin for the new Muriel Awards ad and banner, and Steve for helping me gather this year's voting body. And thanks to everyone who's plugged the awards on his or her site.

Through the end of the month, I will be announcing one winner per day, leading up to the awarding of the Golden Muriel for Best Film on Friday, 29 February. In addition to announcing the awards themselves, I'll also be posting blurbs on each of the winners written by members of the voting body. I'm also planning a few other fun features along the way, although I'd rather let them be a surprise for now.

So check back every day until the end of the month for the Muriel Awards. Hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I've enjoyed running them.


Craig Kennedy said...

Don't worry, it's a candy cigarette.


I don't know what's worse for a guinea-pig... real-cigarette smoke or bubble-gum dust... nevertheless, I think that poster might just be my favorite.

I'll plop a link to the Muriels up on my site tonight and get you my two blurbs as well, Paul.