Friday, February 01, 2008

All part of the same package

Over the past year and a half, I've maintained a pretty clear distinction between my two main blogs: while this blog is devoted to film-related writing, I maintain Conquistador Instant Leprosy (formerly Pomegranate Rickey) for the purposes of non-film writing. But lately I've become more uneasy with the idea of separating the two, as the film stuff and non-film stuff are but two sides of the same coin. As a way of acknowledging this, I've finally decided to post my more personal writings here from now on. After all, as Terence wrote, "I am a human being, so nothing human is alien to me."

I'll continue to keep Leprosy open in case you'd like to read my earlier writings over there. Below is a list of links for all of you latecomers, listed by category.

My family/ies:
24 Dec 07- "To Each His Own Christmas"
17 Nov 07- "Road Tripping"
9 Mar 07- "Today's Paradox: I Become a Grandfather Before I'm Even a Dad"
3 Dec 06- "Sappy Pet Daddy Post #1"
5 Nov 06- "New Friends"

Relationships, or lack thereof:
1 Oct 07- "Love Is All Around"
23 Sept 07- "That Old Autumnal Feeling"
24 June 07- "Somebody's Getting Married"
6 Oct 06- "Accident Girl Update"
29 Sept 06- "Leave a Movie Early, Come Home With a Blog Entry"

8 May 07- "When 4 and 5 Are Not the Same As 9"
27 Apr 07- "Okay, Just So You Don't Have to Look at that Horrible William and Mary Post at the Top Anymore..."

Food and Health:
18 Nov 07- "Snack Time, Anytime"
12 Oct 07- "Home Cookin'"
28 Apr 07- "Rude Awakening, or: Thanks, Jane!"
8 Apr 07- "More Adventures With Fruit and Meat"
30 Jan 07- "I Heart Pears"

Shopping and retail:
26 Dec 07- "It's Time to Light the Lights"
28 Oct 07- "Friendly, Not Familiar"
26 Aug 06- "Lost in the Supermarket #1"

Movie exhibition:
16 Sept 07- "The Self Preservation Society"
10 June 07- "Reflections On a Cinema"

Popular culture:
13 Apr 07- "So It Goes."
2 Apr 07- "Lester Bangs Was Right"
24 Aug 06- "How Much Better Can Ya Eat? (Not a Chinatown Post)"

Where I Live, and Where I Don't:
2 Apr 07- "Buckeye Blast"
13 Feb 07- "Brrrrrrrrrr..."
21 Sept 06- "My Cat Allergy Notwithstanding"

30 Mar 07- "Bright Idea du Jour"
25 Nov 06- "Hard Lessons Learned, Or: If I Knew Then What I Know Now Is Not Just a Kenny Rogers Song"

Blogathons and Memes:
13 July 07- "Oh, What the Hell..."
6 July 07- "Meme Fever!"
11 May 07- "Counting My Blessings"
27 Aug 06- "Adam V's Questionnaire"

9 Apr 07- "Words, Music, Light and Life"
24 Feb 07- "Exactly 6 Months and 20 Posts Later"
17 Feb 07- "Grab Bag"
27 Jan 07- "Updates! *gasp*"

Assorted lameness:
20 Nov 07- "Because Mad Cow Disease Was Already Taken"
14 Oct 07- "Well, That Settles It..."
30 June 07- "This Blog Will Be Released Unrated in My Opinion"
26 Apr 07- "Offensive Semi-Jokes That Will Almost Certainly Get You Slapped"
26 Apr 07- "Religious Debate, in License-Plate Form"
5 Sept 06- "War Reparations"
2 Sept 06- "Knee Slappers #1"
26 Aug 06- "I Bitch Complain About Asswipes Jerks #1"

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