Wednesday, February 27, 2008

'Cause ya don't mess around... with God's America.

Earlier today, I came across the following news story on Yahoo:

NASA Takes Aim At Moon with Double Sledgehammer

After I read it, the first thing I thought of was how crazy it sounded. Then I realized I'd heard this story before. Where, you ask?

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The Mysterious Ad[ B)e;ta]m.a.x. said...

I was a big fan of Mr. Show when this came out, and that was a prime bit! Very catchy tune and hilarious.

I wish the YouTube clip had the intro with the photo shop clerk giving the NASA engineer his important space photos with chocolate fingerprints all over them. The zaniness of Mr. Show benefited greatly from the absurdity of the transitions, perhaps even more so than Monty Python, who they learned a lot from.

-Editor A