Sunday, August 26, 2007

Famous Last Words #2

I've been mulling over Famous Last Words for a while now, with last week's quote the one I planned to start with. But it was Andrew Bemis' recent top 10 list of great voiceover narration that spurred me to kick this feature off last week. However, I was greatly saddened that none of you recognized this quote, the immortal final lines from Andrew's #1 pick, Terence Malick's Days of Heaven. Could it possibly be that you've never seen it? If so, shame on you. It's a stone cold masterpiece, and pretty soon you will have no excuse not to have seen it.

But perhaps a different strategy is in order to get this series revved up. I'm not sure you could get much further from Malick's early-period stunner than this film, the final lines of which are found below with the names removed:

“Where ya headed, cowboy?”
“Nowhere special.”
“Nowhere special... I always wanted to go there.”
“Come on.”

Name the movie. I KNOW that at least some of you have seen this one...


Hedwig said...

Hey! I think it might be that you didn't really define "rules" very clearly. I recognized "days" since I saw it for the first time only about a month ago, so it was still fresh in my memory, but I wasn't sure if the goal was to name the film in the comments or if that would be seen as "spoiling" it.

As for this one, I know I've seen the film, and when you reveal which one it was, I'm sure I'll have an a-ha erlebnis, but right now? Drawing a blank.

Paul C. said...


Thanks for stopping by. I see your point re: the rules, but I think part of it was that this is an informal contest and no prizes are given, so I didn't want to feel like I was deceiving anyone. It's purely for fun.

But yeah, everyone should feel free to guess the quote in the comments section, and perhaps even discuss the movie itself.

Steve C. said...

Hate to admit it, but I've never seen Days. I have, however, seen this film. And I can't bloody think of what it is.

Andrew Bemis said...

I somehow totally overlooked the Days of Heaven entry, but yeah, those are great last words - it must take incredible confidence to wrap up one's film with an aside that describes very little yet tells us everything. This one is on the tip of my tongue, so I'll probably remember it at three in the morning (when I tend to recall such things).

Jason_alley2 said...

A HA! "Blazing Saddles"! I still consider it the funniest movie I've ever seen.

Paul C. said...

We got a winner, cowpoke.

Jason_alley2 said...

I think I'll WHIP THIS OUT in celebration.