Sunday, August 19, 2007

Famous Last Words #1

While not every movie can be wrapped up in a nice little bow at the end, sometimes filmmakers are able to give the audience a perfect little sign-off. Whether it's a snatch of dialogue that boils down everything that's come before or just a great line in and of itself, there's a special sort of pleasure in a great final line, as it allows us to leave on a high note.

Starting this week, I'll be posting some of my favorites here. Rather than attributing them to their respective films, I'll give you folks the pleasure of remembering them. I'm starting with one which I think you'll agree is a must for a series like this. Enjoy!

“This girl, she didn't know where she was goin' or what she was goin' to do. She didn't have no money on her. Maybe she'd meet up with a character. I was hopin' things would work out for her. She was a good friend of mine.”


Jason_alley2 said...

Hmmmm....I'll probably be kicking myself, but I actually can't place this one. Then again, I've never been particularly good at these kinds of things.

Paul C. said...

Anyone? Anyone? Come on, I know at least one of you loves this movie. More than one, if your tastes are as good as I think they are.