Sunday, August 12, 2007

2006 in Review: An Introduction

Seeing as how I've waited until now to post my favorite films of 2006, it almost doesn't seem worth it. But I'll do it anyway, because some of you may be curious and I feel like I should. As I did last year, I'll be posting my favorites from last year, one selection a day, starting with the bottom of the list and working upward. In addition, I'll once again be pairing the selections with another film I saw this past year that shares something with my selection- thematically, stylistically, or otherwise. I'll post some brief remarks about the films, although probably not more than a paragraph or two. Unlike last year, I won't be posting a list of the worst movies, since the number of subpar movies I see has gone down ever since I stopped working at a movie theatre, and frankly I think my life is better for it.

When available, I'll link to my original reviews, which can be accessed by clicking the image. Come back over the next week or so for the results.

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