Sunday, April 01, 2012

White Elephant 2012: The Victims

Today’s the big day!  Let’s see what our April Fools have been up to lately:

Simon Abrams caught The Breaks!

Jim Bach engaged in a Duel to the Death!

Kent Beeson went on a Castle Freak!

Andrew Bemis learned how To Live and Die in L.A. !

Christianne Benedict told some Forbidden Lie$!

Steve Carlson rhapsodized on a theme of Paganini!

I sat back and let the evening go with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band!

Kenji Fujishima stalked some Deadly Prey!

Jaime Grijalba gave a much-needed jump to The Prowler!  In Spanish!

Stacia Kissick Jones found It!
Peter Labuza got familiar with Dev. D!

Matt Lynch dove into the notorious sausage-fest Freddy Got Fingered!

Joe Neff came clean with Dirty Love!

Seema did it for her country with Grease 2!

Caroline Shapiro witnessed The Return of Count Yorga!

Philip Tatler dropped in on S. Darko!

Patrick Williamson found the ugliness in Poor Pretty Eddie!

I plan on adding more throughout the day, so check back later, will you?  You just never know what kind of goodies we’ll share with you!


ptatleriv said...

Thanks again for putting this together, Paul. One question: did Victor Morton not participate this year?

Paul C. said...

Victor signed up, but he just hasn't posted his review yet. I've already contacted him about it, so we'll wait and see.

Stacia said...

Sorry about no last name, Paul. I'm not hiding it, it's just that my Blogger profile screws it up because I have two last names: Stacia Kissick Jones. You're welcome to add it if you want. Or not! Either way is cool.

Thanks for organizing the 'thon!