Friday, April 01, 2011

White Elephant 2011 Super-Post!

Right back where (or at least when) it belongs, it’s the 5th Annual White Elephant Blogathon! The brainchild of Lucid Screening’s Ben Lim, who has since moved on to work for the good folks at The Criterion Collection (, White Elephant has quickly become a yearly tradition for the blogosphere’s most fearless and foolhardy souls. In case you’re new to the whole White Elephant thing, here are the rules as laid down by Ben back in ’07:

1) Submit the title of a movie that you want someone else to review (preferably something available via Netflix).
2) Review the movie that you get assigned and post the review on April 1.
3) Have fun!

This year’s crop of movies is more eclectic than it’s ever been, with some notorious garbage, some cult favorites and curiosities, and even a handful of legitimate classics in the bunch, although there will no doubt be some debate over which movies fall under which category.

So instead of playing a prank that could jeopardize your job or land you in hot water with your significant other, celebrate April Fool’s Day by checking out this year’s White Elephant reviews.

I'll be updating this list over the next few days, so check back throughout the weekend to sample the goodness the White Elephant has to offer this year.

Now, without further ado, this year's White Elephant lineup!

Simon Abrams hangs with Ice-T in Surviving the Game!

Jim Bach tackles Southland Tales!

Kent Beeson witnesses the epic battle of the ‘Stache vs. the Tongue in Runaway!

Josh Bell gets stung by Scorpion Thunderbolt!

Andrew Bemis goes running with The Devils!

Christianne Benedict gets tangled up in Exte: Hair Extensions!

Steven Carlson shudders at the touch of Myra Breckinridge!

I go back- wayyyyyyyyyy back- in time with Caveman!

KC Costanzo tears the cover off Unmasking the Idol!

Dennis Cozzalio argues for (or against) The Life of David Gale!

Jose Cruz goes pro with Amateur!

Andy Fernandez orders up Le Boucher!

Jaime Grijalba recibe ordenado por El Cardenal! (note: in Spanish)

Ivan Lerner gets into Big Trouble!

Matt Lynch walks the plank with Cutthroat Island!

Michael May recounts The Legend of Boggy Creek!

Ripley McCoy does the bedpan two-step with Patch Adams!

Victor J. Morton IS Cool As Ice!

Joe Neff powers up with Electric Dragon 80000V!

Cole Roulain gets Three O’Clock High!

Caroline Shapiro looks into Feeding Boys, Ayaya!

Stacia investigates the mysteries of Deadlier Than the Male!

Philip Tatler takes on Triumph of the Will!

Patrick Williamson says Welcome Home, Soldier Boys!

Bryce Wilson cracks open the Diary of a Cannibal!


Simon said...

Sorry, man, I'm trying to post it, but blogger's being a bitch right now.

ptatleriv said...

Thanks for presiding over this Paul. It's a lot of fun.

Dennis Cozzalio said...

One of my favorite events of the year, and this year, despite the rich cow pie I got assigned, is no different. Thanks, Paul!

Simon said...

Here we go: