Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blog news of the week

This morning, I received an e-Mail from one Claire Thomas of the Theatre Seat Store site. It seems that aside from its normal line of business of selling seats to aid in the comfy viewing of movies, the folks at the site have taken it upon themselves to spotlight some of their favorite movie-related sites. And somehow, yours truly was one of the bloggers they chose.

Needless to say, I was pretty flattered. I don’t write nearly as much as I once did- don’t have the time, alas- but I always hope that I’ll make at least a little impact on readers, both the ones I know and the ones who just stumble in and stick around a while. I think I’m in pretty good company too, considering that some of their other picks were perennial blog favorites like new At the Movies correspondent Kim Morgan, 2009 Muriels winner Glenn Kenny, and longtime buds Andrew Bemis and James Frazier.

Since I am really humbled about being honored like this, and because one can never have too much flair on one's blog, I’ve gone ahead and posted the banner at right. Thank you, Claire and the Theatre Seat Store powers that be. And thanks once again to all my readers out there.

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