Sunday, November 04, 2007

Famous Last Words- Round 1, Week 6

Seems that I was finally able to stump most of you with last week's quotation, taken from George Miller's Lorenzo's Oil. I've been told by more than one of you that you own a copy of the film that has gone as yet unwatched. Is this because of the depressing subject matter, or its superficial resemblance to the kind of disease-of-the-week weepie that clogged network television during weekend prime time programming slots throughout the 90s? Rest assured that Lorenzo's Oil is a different breed altogether, a film too tough-minded to angle for cheap sentiment. While it acknowledges the role that love and determination can play in getting through a disease, it also shows that it also takes ingenuity and a whole lot of luck. Another thing that distinguishes it is that the fruits of the Odone's labors helped not only their son but thousands of boys throughout the world. Thanks to Miller- then best known as the director of the Mad Max trilogy and himself an M.D.- it's a highly distinguished entry in an undistinguished genre, and one of the few Hollywood melodramas of the last few decade that actually earns your tears. In my opinion, there are few 1990s Hollywood movies more unjustly underappreciated than Lorenzo's Oil, and I'm not the only one who thinks so.

For this week's quote, we'll switch gears a bit:

"Even with my eyes wide open, I can't see a thing."

Name the movie. Remember to e-Mail your answers to this address. See you next Sunday.