Sunday, October 28, 2007

Famous Last Words- Round 1, Week 5

You won't get very far in a discussion of great final lines without bringing up the name Preston Sturges. The man was one of the greatest comedic minds ever to work in Hollywood, and few could wrap up a movie like he could. Hail the Conquering Hero, the source of last week's quote, was no exception, a comic gem starring Eddie Bracken as young Wilbur Truesmith- son of Marine hero "Hinky Dinky" Truesmith- who was refused military service for health reasons (chronic hay fever) only to end up having to prove his worth in other ways. Only a handful of you were able to identify the quote, which makes me think that some of you ought to bone up on your Sturges, especially if you've never treated yourself to one of his movies. Hail the Conquering Hero isn't one of his very best (personally, I'd give that honor to The Lady Eve, followed by The Miracle of Morgan's Creek) but considering that the guy had one of filmmaking's greatest winning streaks during the 1940s, you can't really go wrong with any of them.

Moving on... This week's quote- hard or easy? It's getting so I can't even tell anymore. Here it is:

“And then, one day, I'll hear my voice, and all these words I'm thinking will get outside my head.”

Submit your guesses to this address. Remember to have them in by 11:59 pm Saturday. See you next week!