Sunday, November 18, 2007

Famous Last Words- Round 1, Week 8

If there's anything better than a great last line, it's a great last line delivered by one of cinema's greatest voices. Yes, Orson Welles' final bit of narration in his film The Lady From Shanghai (the source of last week's quiz) is one for the ages. not least because it was his bittersweet kiss-off to the film's leading lady, Rita Hayworth, to whom he was married. Even after cropping her lush red hair and dying it platinum blonde, Hayworth remained undeniably luscious in the role, and it's possible that only a soon-to-be ex-husband could have possibly tried to forget her. Lady isn't one of Welles' masterpieces, but it's full of stunning moments, especially the famed hall-of-mirrors finale. I just missed being able to see it on the big screen in Cleveland a few years ago- I moved up there just after they screened it- and I'd love to see it projected larger than life.

By contrast, the film from which the following final line was taken is a masterpiece, one that deserves much more love than it gets:

“Just... say I’m old-fashioned. That should be enough. Go on, go on.”

Name the film. Send your guesses to this e-Mail address by 11:59 Saturday night. Go on, go on.