Saturday, November 10, 2007

Face Time #28 (what's in the satchel?)

Kelly MacDonald (finally seeing her in No Country for Old Men this week after missing it at Toronto. Also, she's the hottest Peter Pan ever. Suck it, Robin Williams.)


Scott W. Black said...

Yum. I've had a crush on Kelly MacDonald since Trainspotting. Can't wait to see No Country for Old Men.

Paul C. said...

I've decided to stop voting for her for hottest babe in the Atli awards, since I invariably will pencil her in for everything she does. Chances are I'll end up doing the same for Eva Green before long.

Also, Kelly's accent makes her even hotter, so it's hard to say how I'll react to her in No Country. Still- can't wait.

Piper said...

Oh shit, I completely forgot she was the little vixen in Trainspotting. I knew that my uneasy lusting came from some deep, dark place that had been around for a while.