Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Paul takes on the Archies- 2007 edition

Inspired by Donna's original post, I decided to make a list of some of the major things- events, discoveries, experiences- from my life in the past year. This being me, if I simply made a list of everything worthwhile from the past year, it would be mostly cinematic in nature, so I'll start off with ten of the best experiences I had in 2007 outside the movie theatre:

The Girls. Like immediate family, only cheaper to feed.
Screengrab- my first paying gig.
"There are these two gangs, and when they dance, they fight. They DANCE!FIGHT!" - My first TIFF experience virtually guaranteed a second one.
"Good grief! The comedian's a bear!" - rediscovering a major piece of my childhood.
Crème de Violet Ice Cream (seasonal) @ Jeni's. - I'd walk there and back in the summer just to justify an extra scoop.
SLIFR University, and their ever-rotating faculty. - the filet of movie memes.
Wisteria 1. - for me, a new side of an old master.
"You think I'm over the hill/you think I'm past my prime..." - forget Cate Blanchett, there's only one Dylan. What a show.
The blogroll. - thanks, everybody! ---------->
The Muriel Awards- Second Annual Awards TBA. Watch this space.

OK, here's some cinematic highlights for you:
"The pipe is leaking..."
Pin screen. Holy hell.
"If you put it in your pocket it would just be another quarter." (Pause) "Which it is."
"When asked why they loved Steven Shorter, 93.5% of those questioned replied, 'because he gives so unselfishly of himself.'"
Broken clocks and card games.
"Is that Mirabelle?"
"Look, Hyun-seo! Aunt brought you a bronze medal!"
"Iran will riddle you with goals!"
And, of course... "Monkey bite!"

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