Saturday, January 05, 2008

Face Time #36 (Separated at Birth?)

John C. Reilly as Dewey Cox, Walk Hard (thanks, Jason!)

Emir Kusturica

Who's a heist guy NOW?


Jason_alley2 said...


Yeah, Dewey's "Brian Wilson period" was one of the few parts of the film I found really funny, along with his "Bob Dylan period" and the Beatles stuff (which I knew you weren't big on).

Paul C. said...

The strange thing about WALK HARD is that there's a good amount of smart stuff and a good amount of stupid stuff, but very little in between. I've rarely felt so lonely in a movie theatre as I did when I saw WALK HARD opening weekend. The crowd around me was laughing at the dick jokes and the drug jokes and the Dewey destroying his home jokes. Meanwhile, I was alone in howling at lines like "shut up and learn to play the fucking theremin!" It's sort of schizo like that.

Jason_alley2 said...

Yeah, I loved the theremin line too - and I think you're right. Lots of clever and lots of stupid (and John C. Reilly, as usual, threw every ounce of himself into all of it), but overall the stupid stuff tired me out a little too much.