Wednesday, January 09, 2008

So it is written, so shall it be done.

Hey folks. Remember this? Of course you do.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about this. Unfortunately, with the increased workload for Screengrab and the requisite cramming for the Muriels I probably won't be able to get to the requested reviews until February at the earliest. Hope that isn't a problem.

Until then, here's the finalized list of requested reviews, in the order the request was received:

Victor Morton: Baxter (1989)
Jason Alley: Les Revenants / They Came Back (2004)
Steve Carlson: Report (1967) or Les Anges du Péché (1943)

And thanks again for the requests, guys.


And speaking of requests, I've thrown my hat into the ring for the Second Annual White Elephant Blogathon, to be held around April Fool's Day. I missed out last year, and it looked like such a blast I wouldn't have dreamed of watching it again from the sidelines. I even came up with a worthy film to submit, though I wouldn't dream of ruining the surprise in case you end up participating and having it drawn for you. It still remains to be seen what I'll end up watching, not to mention if I'll post it here or if I'll decide to get paid for it and post it on Screengrab. Either way, stay tuned!


Finally- attention Muriels voters and enthusiasts! If you geek out about the Muriels as much as I do, why not surf on over to Twitter? Right now, roughly half a dozen Muriel voters (and one ex-voter) have joined up with me in my mission to catch up with as many eligible films as possible between now and the ballot deadline of 31 January. So if you want to play along, or at least to join in the discussion, why not get signed up with Twitter today? (Warning: Highly Addictive.)


blim8183 said...

I can confirm that Paul's submission is quite diabolical.

Steve said...

Pray, Paul. Pray that you don't get my White Elephant submission.

Paul C. said...

You realize this only makes me want to get it all the more, don't you?

Paul C. said...

I feel bad/badly for the people who don't quite get the purpose for this thing and submit good- or at least benignly average- movies. It'll be a rude awakening when they watch the ones we've submitted.

James said...

I think I'd have requested Hard Boiled or Welcome to the Dollhouse.

blim8183 said...

James - It's not too late :) We're accepting submissions until mid-February. However, both those movies are far too nice.