Saturday, July 03, 2010

World Cup of Cinema - Upset!

After today’s first World Cup quarterfinals, I’ve decided to change my World Cup of Cinema selection. Here’s my choice now:

Only kidding, folks. But still, with Brazil getting ousted long before anyone expected them to be, things just got a whole lot more interesting. Or at least they did unless you’re not into soccer, in which case you didn’t really care anyway.

But with Brazil out, it’s looking like South America’s spot in the final game is going to be much less assured. Argentina’s looking pretty strong, but anything can happen. Then of course there’s the possibility that everyone’s just going to throw the tourney in favor of Paraguay in order to make Paraguayan model/futbol fan Larisa Riquelme follow through on her promise to parade around in nothing but body paint if her country’s team takes home the Cup. But somehow I don’t see that happening.

Also, at right I’ve posted a link to my 2010 ratings, in case you’re curious about what I’ve seen/haven’t seen/liked/haven’t liked so far this year. Warning: it’s pretty meager pickings so far. But as always, any help would be greatly appreciated. Hint hint.

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