Sunday, July 11, 2010

Note on comments moderation

Due to a rather annoying influx of spam on this and my other blogs of late, I'll be enabling comment moderation here. This means that if you post a comment here, it won't be available for viewing until I've had a chance to OK it. Sorry if this is a pain, but I'm just kind of sick of people I don't know leaving links to sites I couldn't care less about just to reel in web business. I'm committed to keeping Silly Hats Only non-commercial, and I just can't abide people trying to hijack the thread like this. Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience buds. I don't plan on deleting any posts other than obvious spam, and I might even allow one or two of those if they happen to be as amusing as this one.

1 comment:

Steve C. said...

That is maybe the greatest spam comment ever. You lucky sumbitch.