Monday, July 19, 2010

Banner weekend

After six and a half lean months of cinema here in Central Ohio, last weekend was jam-packed with goodness. Most visible was, of course, Inception, but this weekend also saw the local releases of such acclaimed titles as I Am Love, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Winter's Bone, and Father of My Children. Unfortunately, when you're as busy as I am, weekends like this force you to make choices. And believe me, it's tough. However, I decided to wait on Inception so that I could watch it with Ang, and instead I chose two of the most promising arthouse releases before they blew town altogether. As it turns out I made the right choice, since one is my favorite movie so far this year, and the other one's pretty damn good as well. My reviews of both can be found at the links below.

Click here for my review of The Father of My Children.

No, wait! Click here for my review of Exit Through the Gift Shop!

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