Monday, May 11, 2009

Settle down, nerds... or should I say, non-nerds.

Superficially speaking, Star Trek seems to have everything one could ask for from a summer blockbuster: likable stars, snazzy effects, and lots of explosions, all given a high-gloss sheen. And in this respect, the movie delivers what it promises- the response so far has been almost totally positive (its current Metacritic score is 84), and it should prove to be a big hit. Yet despite all this, Star Trek left me strangely cold. As a fan of the original series and the majority of the movies it spawned, I’m no doubt biased toward the first incarnation of Trek, and judging by the enthusiasm that many non-fans have for the film, my response is hardly typical. But I suppose that this is part of my problem with the movie- that Paramount and director JJ Abrams have made such an effort to appeal to non-Trek fans that they’ve lost some of what made the original series really feel like Star Trek to me.

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Craig Kennedy said...

It's funny. I'm pretty much a Trek tourist (familiar with the original, but not obsessed, watched TNG pretty heavily in college, saw all the movies, only really liked 2 and 3, gave DS9 a shot but quit before it supposedly got good)...probably pretty much the audience Paramount was aiming at, and the film also left me cold.

It didn't feel like Trek to me, but it didn't feel like anything new or interesting either.

It was OK in a summer movie sense, but I'm a little mystified by the rapturous response it's getting.