Thursday, May 28, 2009

Famous Last Words Returns to Silly Hats Only!

Hey hey, folks! Glad you all could swing by here to check out what’s going on. And to all of you former Screengrab readers who were curious to read my work in this more personal, less formal setting, welcome! As a means of encouraging you folks to stick around while, I’ve decided to move my popular Famous Last Words game to my blog, since it’s not like Screengrab will be doing anything with it now.

For this round, which I’ve decided to call Famous Last Words: Resurrection (shut up, it was either that or Famous Last Words IV: The Quest for Peace), I’ll mostly be using the same rules I always have, with a handful of exceptions. Here are the rules and procedures:

1. Every Thursday at 3 PM Eastern Time, we will post a line or a short dialogue exchange from a movie. You, in turn, will e-Mail us your guesses as to what movie we took the dialogue from. Guesses must be submitted to me in e-Mail form, to the following e-Mail address:

2. All quotes will be the final spoken lines of the film, delivered by an onscreen character or narrator. Likewise, the words must be audible. In other words, no silent films, and no onscreen text that isn't read aloud.

3. All quotes will be the final lines of the film proper. Any lines spoken in "credit cookies" or post-credits scenes won't be used. For example, the final lines of Ferris Bueller's Day Off would be "Life goes by pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it," rather than "You're still here? It's over. Go home."

4. The films selected may be in any language, but I’ll post the quotations translated into English whenever applicable.

5. Participants may only submit one guess per week of the game. If more than one guess is submitted, no points will be given for the week even if one of the guesses is correct.

6. Submissions must be made to the e-Mail address I will be turning off comments to each week's quiz to avoid confusion.

7. All entries must be received by the following Wednesday night at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. Entries received after this time will be considered ineligible.

8. Each correct submission will be worth one point, each incorrect submission worth zero points. At the end of twelve weeks, the competitor with the highest number points will win a $25 gift certificate from The Criterion Store. Yes, I realize that I gave away three per round at Screengrab, but it’s coming out of my pocket now, and with the wintry economic climate we’re facing today, that’ll just have to do.

9. If there is a tie for first place between more than three contestants, we will run tie-breaker rounds until the winners have been whittled down to three.

10. Have fun!

I’ll be starting up the game in one week’s time and will continue every Thursday for 12 weeks, at which point I hope a winner will emerge. Until then, take a look around the blog. I hope you’ll stay awhile.

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