Sunday, December 16, 2007

Famous Last Words- Round 1, Week 12

The Italian Job wasn't the first classic Michael Caine film to get a Hollywood remake- that would be Get Carter- and it certainly wasn't the last. But while the 2003 version was a pretty OK entertainment, it kind of missed the point of the original movie. Sure, they kept the main character's name (inexplicably, as who can buy Marky Mark as a Charlie Croker?) and of course the famous Mini Coopers, but otherwise it bears little resemblance to the 1969 model. Most of the original isn't an action movie at all, but a showcase for that singular brand of British humor, with Noel Coward as the world's most erudite prisoner, Benny Hill doing his Benny Hill thing ("I like 'em biiiiiiiiiiig!"), and plenty of potshots at Italians (why Italians? Exactly). All this plus Caine at perhaps his most suave, and of course the legendary chase scene, which somehow manages to be even more effective than the remake. More clever, better-shot, all that. Then there's the awesome ending, which I wouldn't dream of spoiling if you've never seen the movie.

And so begins our final week of our first round of Famous Last Words. For the closing quote of the round, I've challenged myself to find a quote that was a little more difficult. In addition, the quote I've selected has an added significance that I'll explain when the time comes. For now, here's the quote:

"The old Paul was dead. He did not live for naught."

Hint: the Paul in question is not McCartney. Other than that, you're on your own. Submit your fateful guesses to me at this e-Mail address by Saturday night at 11:59 PM. But remember, choose wisely. See you next week!