Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Muriel Awards 2007 FYC #3

Best Original Score: Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, Once

Most musicals today practically drench the audience in flopsweat, so intent are they on bowling us over with spectacle. What musical directors too often forget is that the classic musicals they profess to love were nimble and felt practically effortless. In this way, John Carney's Once is much closer to the spirit of the Golden Age musicals than any of the razzle-dazzle Oscar™ bait released by studios this decade. Once is a movie steeped in music to its core- music is central to the story, the relationships, and the emotional center of the film. But so delicate is the film that it would have fallen apart with music that wasn't good or was simply inappropriate. Thank goodness then for the film's stars, Hansard and Irglova, who between them were responsible for not just performing but also composing the film's songs. I know very little about Irglova, and I'm unfamiliar with Hansard's work with his band The Frames, but their music works beautifully in the context of the film, and outside it as well. Because of this, we buy into the story, we believe in the characters, and the film wins us over.

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