Saturday, June 02, 2007

Face time #4

Romola Garai


Steve said...


Paul C. said...

What, no "daaaaaamn" for Wallace Shawn? Inconceivable!

And yeah, I know that I kinda said in the intro post to this series that I wouldn't simply post a bunch of hot-girl pics, but I couldn't resist this one. She's fun and easy to look at, this one, and she really ought to be a bigger star. She's mostly been confined to handsome period pieces, but she's damn good at comedy too. She was easily the best part of SCOOP, for one thing. If anyone was actually writing good comedic roles for twentysomething women nowadays, she'd be a natural. Judd Apatow, are you reading this?

I'm going to post another pic of her, mostly because I had originally planned on posting it before I found this one. It's a fun photo of her, emphasizing her wide, intelligent peepers and her flair for sauciness much more than this one does. I mainly posted this one because, well, just look at it.