Monday, June 25, 2007

From a Polish Movie House #5

Night Moves (1975, Arthur Penn)


Bemis said...

I just saw Night Moves for the first time a few weeks back. It's fantastic, and Gene Hackman has never been cooler. "Harry thinks if you call him Harry again he's going to make you eat that cat" - brilliant!

Paul C. said...

Yeah, it's a pretty great movie. I've always kinda seen it as the scruffy cousin of CHINATOWN, which came out the year before. Whereas CHINATOWN is an elegant period noir set during the golden age of private eyes, NIGHT MOVES is modern-dress and its main character has kind of fallen into detective work rather than being born to it.

Also, I think that Hackman should have exclusive rights to non-Dirty characters named "Harry." How many Harrys has the guy played by now?