Friday, February 16, 2007

Muriel Awards: Best Lead Performance, Female

"Perhaps one of the most difficult things to do in acting is to portray a living legend who everyone has seen and heard a thousand times, because quite often the scrutiny of that performance is unbearable. Therefore Helen Mirren's achievement in "The Queen" is certainly no little thing, as nearly all who saw the movie watched with awe as she completely disappeared into the role of Elizabeth II during the uncomfortable week that she lost the mother of her grandchildren. Mirren's is one of the greatest performances of recent memory and the centerpiece of this finely crafted film." ~ R. Presley Stephens


Steve said...

Kate Beckinsale????

Kza said...

Did Scott Black change his name?

Paul C. said...

No, Scott excused himself from participating. Said he was too busy. Maybe next year.

And once the awards have all been announced I'll post everyone's ballot on the site. All I can say is that the Beckinsale vote wasn't from me.