Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Fill in the blank: “Chaos ______.”

Here's the hint from this month's Criterion Newsletter:

I’m not sure I’ll buy this one, mostly because I’ll have a hard time convincing myself to watch it again (link to Muriels writeup). Nonetheless, I support the inclusion of Antichrist in the Criterion Collection. For all the hype coming out of Cannes last year, I think a lot of people dismissed von Trier’s latest as a wallow in extreme violence. And that’s a pity, because while the film is graphic, von Trier also explores some rather thorny themes that most filmmakers wouldn’t dare touch, and does so while making one of the most convulsively beautiful (thank you, Andre Breton) films of the past decade. Also, it’s bleedin’ scary. Anyway, I’d much rather see the CC take on movies like this than the likes of Benjamin Button, although I certainly understand the mercenary impulses behind their releasing the latter. Still- woohoo!

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