Thursday, February 04, 2010

Muriels by design

See that snazzy new Muriels banner in the sidebar over there?---->

Of course you do. That banner, as well as the larger one below, were designed by Martin McClellan, longtime SLH friend and member of the inaugural Muriels voting class. Martin, a writer and designer living in Seattle (as his web site is quick to point out), has graciously donated his services to providing the Muriels with banners and such for the past two years. Here's this year's big banner, which I couldn't find room for in the sidebar but which deserves to be seen anyway:

But Martin isn't the only one cranking out Muriel-related images. Our old pal Craig Kennedy has been doing Muriel-themed mock movie posters for the past three years, and he shows no signs of stopping. Here's what he's come up with so far this year- Muriel in space...

Stop-motion Muriel...

And Muriel taking to the high wire...

I especially like the third one, which combines everyone's favorite award-bestowing guinea pig with my favorite one-sheet of 2008, for something that's sort of magical.

Check out the fourth year of the Muriel Awards starting this Sunday over at Steve Carlson's blog. I've helped out with the tabulating process again this year, and I can assure you that Muriel is, as always, full of surprises.

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