Friday, February 05, 2010

Bane of the Oscar™ Completist

Since college if not before, I've had a yearly tradition of trying to see all of the Best Picture nominees prior to the Oscars. Previously, this wasn't a problem, seeing as how there were only five of them. But this year, I've had a little more work to do. I've been successful at seeing eight of the ten so far, but I had the feeling that with the expanded category, I'd have to end up biting the bullet on at least a few. You may recall that back in December I was anxious at the thought of seeing three of the perceived awards-season juggernauts: Precious, Nine, and Invictus. However, while I've dodged a bullet re: Nine and Invictus, I had no idea then that my tradition would force me to see a movie about which I care even less than Precious.

Yes, folks- I'm talking about The Blind Side. Really, Academy? Really???

Is it too late for me to change my tradition to "boycotting the BS People's Choice Award winner that somehow squeaks into the Oscar nominees"? No? Damn.

Meanwhile, Craig keeps cranking out the Muriels goodies:

I figured he'd have a Basterds poster in the pipeline, though I was glad he chose this one instead of the single-character posters. After all, the phrase "Muriel is a Basterd" constitutes fightin' words where I come from.

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