Thursday, July 16, 2009

Famous Last Words: Resurrection- Week 7

For the past three decades, David Mamet has been one of the most distinctive writers working in theatre and film, in the process becoming famous for his uniquely salty dialogue. So many a critic was surprised when, back in 1997, Mamet's The Spanish Prisoner (the source of last week's quote) arrived, bearing a PG rating and scarcely a dirty word. But as the one and only Vern might say, PG don't got to be soft- despite an MPAA rating that's commonly associated with kiddie fare, The Spanish Prisoner was and still is one of Mamet's best thrillers, with a brutal efficiency that complements the pitiless dialogue. In addition, it was a fine showcase for the ever-undervalued Campbell Scott, and gave Steve Martin the rare opportunity to play a bad guy, a far cry from his old "wild and crazy" roles or the family-friendly parody he's become since. Congrats to those who guessed it.

Here's this week's quote:

"I see through my tears, but no one comes to wipe them away."

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