Thursday, July 09, 2009

Famous Last Words: Resurrection- Week 6

How many movies can you name that feature a toothless protagonist who hasn't yet reached retirement age? I'd have to think a while to come up with an answer, but the first one that would come to mind would surely be George Armitage's priceless crime comedy Miami Blues, the source of last week's quote. At the time of its release, this adaptation of Charles Willeford's novel got more or less lost in the shuffle, but time has been extremely kind to the film, which boasts a pair of great comic turns from Fred Ward- who plays the toothless cop in question- and Alec Baldwin as the criminal he's pursuing, along with a warm and appealing performance from Jennifer Jason Leigh as the simple, domestic-minded prostitute who falls for Baldwin. Congrats to those who got it.

This week's quote is another name-dropper, so to speak. Here it is:

“Can’t you help me, ______?”
“I’m afraid you’re gonna have to spend some time in your room.”

Name the film. Submit your guesses to this e-Mail address. Remember, all submissions must be received no later than 11:59 PM Wednesday. Good luck!