Monday, August 18, 2008

Criterion Watch, August 2008

With this edition of Criterion Watch (covering the November '08 releases), we've got the first wave of Criterion Blu-Rays. But first, the new Criterion titles for your enjoyment:

Woohoo! I guessed this one a few months ago, and while I already own this the original Paramount edition is bare-bones. It's a great movie, and definitely worth the upgrade, and in time for Christmas no less.

Guessed this one too, although I'm not really all that psyched for it. Doesn't seem up my alley. But you never know...

Another movie I already own, and another double-dipper for the Christmas list. Would be nice to have a copy of this without all the Tarantino yammering.

Not my favorite Wes Anderson movie by any stretch, but it's nice to see Criterion continuing their commitment to his work. Though it remains to be seen whether Darjeeling Limited will get the Criterion treatment.

Along with the latter two titles shown above, November also brings the following pre-existing Criterion titles in new Blu-Ray discs, for those so inclined:

Finally, this month's clue was a stumper. Any ideas what this might be?


Michael said...

I think it's Sirk's 'Magnificent Obsession.' Would love a CC treatment of 'The Tarnished Angels' as well.

- Tosh

Paul C. said...

Hm... maybe. Haven't seen it, so I'll take your word for it. Wonder if they'll do the double-feature thing like they did with THE KILLERS and THE LOWER DEPTHS.

Jason_alley2 said...

Hmmm....maybe "King Of Hearts"?