Thursday, July 17, 2008

Criterion Watch, July 2008

Before we begin the Criterion watching in earnest, I'd like to finally update something on last month's CW that's been left hanging all this time: the cover for September's release of Ozu's An Autumn Afternoon.

Moving on to October releases, the tenth month brings three new pressings of previously-released Criterions, although two of these are titles that were once solely available in a box set, which is good news for a cheap bastard like me.

I already own the third, and I'm guessing the sole difference between my version and this new one is that it won't include the corresponding volume of Carver stories. Which, truth be told, is sort of a bummer.

As for the new releases, nothing seems quite so momentous as last month's triple shot of Ophüls, but it's not too bad either. First off, it looks like Criterion is getting into the Costa-Gavras business. Not a huge fan of the guy, but I won't complain about his inclusion.

And of course, two new Melville releases certainly make for welcome news, especially when I haven't seen one of them, and that one stars the great Lino Ventura.

Another upcoming release for the fall is the Essential Art House box #1, which appears to be quite the eclectic mix. I think I speak for everyone when I say...

... Lord of the Flies? "Essential"? Really?

Finally, the clue from this month's Criterion newsletter doesn't exactly get the blood a-pumpin'.

I haven't seen the original Fanfan le Tulipe, but I haven't heard especially good things about it. Where's the promised Rossellini box, guys?

Edited 19 July to add: Reader Michael was kind enough to inform me of the latest addition to the Eclipse series, coming this fall.

I've seen two of these, and I concur with Michael about their awesomeness, particularly 1936's Sisters of the Gion. Nice catch, bud.


Adam Ross said...

Nice to see the Cassavetes movies as single releases. I like how they continue to refine their catalog, maybe someday "Picnic at Hanging Rock" will get an anamorphic transfer.

Michael said...

You forgot to mention the new Eclipse boxset, Mizoguchi's Fallen Women set:

This is a must own.