Saturday, July 12, 2008

There's a Rainbow in Toronto...

... Unfortunately, I won't be following it this year.

There are several reasons for this. The first, of course, is money. Last year's trip was expensive, and I'm not sure I could afford it again without some serious scaling back in a lot of other areas. Between the cost of travel, lodging, and incidentals, to say nothing of the movies themselves, it was somewhat unrealistic of me to expect to return on a yearly basis in my current situation.

In addition, I'm currently planning some changes in my life starting this fall. I can't go into detail quite yet, except to say that they'll take up quite a bit of my time and would most likely make TIFFing unfeasible. But don't worry, it's nothing bad.

I'd be lying if I was to say I wouldn't miss it. Even though first year was my first TIFF experience, it was probably the best vacation I've taken in my life, and I met a lot of great people up there. I'd love to go again given the chance, but it'll just have to wait for now.

But don't feel too bad. Instead of the Toronto trip, I'll be making some smaller excursions this year. For example, I'm looking forward to taking Angela up to Cleveland for her birthday to see Radiohead. It's not the massive event TIFF is by any means, but it's just as special in its way- perhaps more so.

Enjoy Toronto, TIFF pals. I'll be with you in spirit this year. Until we meet again...

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