Sunday, September 23, 2007

Famous Last Words- Answer to Practice Round #5

Wow, that's two straight weeks with no takers on the Famous Last Words quotes. Either I'm picking harder ones than I thought, or my fans have abandoned me. Or both, who knows?

Anyway, last week's quote was the first I've pulled from a foreign-language film, this one being none other than Robert Bresson's Pickpocket. I have a hard time believing that some of you haven't seen this one, perhaps Bresson's most famous film and the object of Paul Schrader's very public obsession in the early-to-mid 60s, back in his critic days. Perhaps it would have been easier had I not elided the character's name (Jeanne) spoken in the line.

Edited 9/27 to add: I've removed this week's posted Famous Last Words game because no one had taken a crack at it yet. I'll hold on to it until the game starts in earnest.

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Jason_alley2 said...

Either my mind just doesn't work well this way, or I haven't seen these movies! I definitely haven't seen the Bresson - or any Bresson for that matter. I'm catching up, though, every day!