Sunday, September 16, 2007

Famous Last Words #5

I'm a little bummed that nobody would even hazard a guess on last week's contest. I blame Toronto, personally- some of you were up there, while others were no doubt occupying yourselves with the TIFF dispatches that were all over the Web. Still, I hoped that at least one of you might have recognized the final exchange from Anthony Harvey's The Lion in Winter. I haven't seen the film in years, but I've always loved the final lines.

Anyway, this week's edition of Famous Last Words is a little different than the ones that have come before, although to say exactly how it's different might give the game away. Anyway, I know at least a couple of you have caught this one. I've inserted ellipses where a character's name should be, so as not to make it too easy, but I doubt that'll stop some of you. Here goes...

"Oh (name)... what a strange way I had to take to meet you!"

As always, guesses- educated or otherwise- in the comments section. Have at it!

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