Friday, July 20, 2007

"Your word is... darjeeling."

Hell yes. All you recent Wes-haters can suck it. This is going to be awesome. The only thing that saddens me is that since it's opening NYFF, it most likely won't be at TIFF. Ah well. Guess I just have to wait a little longer.


Steve said...

Sorry, still don't care. Unless Monsieur Anderson has gotten a self-satisfactionectomy recently. Then I might give it a look.

Paul C. said...

Well, if I was as awesome as Anderson I'd be pretty satisfied with myself too.

Also, what the hell are you doing posting to this blog instead of working on Dennis' last uber-test? Slacking and procrastinating won't get you on Shoop's honor roll, pal.

Scott W. Black said...

I'm with you and not Steve on this one. I disliked The Royal Tennenbaums, but loved The Life Aquatic and have no problem with Wes fully embracing his "Wes-ness" if it means another movie like Aquatic.