Saturday, August 29, 2009

Famous Last Words: Resurrection- the Winner!

Like many genre cycles, Japanese horror (or "J-horror") has had more than its share of junk. But it's also produced its share of memorable chillers, and one of the highlights has surely been Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Pulse, the source of last week's quote. A clever fusion of a high-tech thriller and a ghost story, Pulse also contains a heavy dose of melancholy that makes it good for more than a few scares. But Kurosawa does have some first-class scares up his sleeve, especially in the surreal and wholly unexpected "walking woman" scene, which is impossible to describe to those who've never seen the film, and unforgettable to those who have. Congrats to those who got the quote.

And most hearty congratulations also go out to the winner of this first post-Screengrab round of Famous Last Words, regular participant and veteran winner Cameron Worden. There were a number of strong contenders for the win this round, but Worden bested them all. As promised, Cameron will receive a $25 gift card from The Criterion Store. Thanks to everyone for playing.

As usual, I'm going to be taking some time off from Famous Last Words, but I hope you all will stick around. And I hope to start a new round up in the future, perhaps sometime after the new year. See you around, folks.

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