Thursday, June 11, 2009

Famous Last Words: Resurrection- Week 2

I said that I wanted the first week of this round to be fairly easy, but I wasn’t about to give the game away. That’s why I deliberately began the quote after the line everyone remembers- "we can’t stop the dancing chicken." All the same, there were plenty of you who weren’t fooled by my trick, identifying the quote as the final line of Werner Herzog’s masterful Stroszek, the perfect capper to one of the strangest and best endings in all of cinema. Congrats to those who got it.

This week’s quote has been modified slightly in order to remove a character’s name- a name that would for many of you be a giveaway. Here’s the quote:

"I ain’t afraid of you no more, ____."
"Well, ma’am- if I see him, I’ll sure give him the message."

Name the film. Submit your responses to this e-Mail address. Remember, all submissions must be received no later than 11:59 PM Eastern on Wednesday. Good luck!