Friday, January 23, 2009

Criterion Watch, January 2009

Well, here we are again with another Criterion Watch. And some good stuff is coming from our old pals at the CC.

First off, this one's for you Blu-Ray fans. Don't know how much better this'll look in the new format, but for me it's all academic anyway considering I don't have a Blu-Ray player. Those of you who do should let me know how it is.

Moving on to the standard-format ones, this looks like the first wave of the Oshimas inspired by the recent touring retrospective. I've seen Senses (also coming out on Blu-Ray) but not Passion, but I'm hoping I'll get the chance when the retro supposedly comes to Wex this spring. Incidentally, a few years ago I decided it would be funny to name a purely hypothetical future daughter "Corrida" just so that I could get a little chuckle whenever the poor little girl's friends said "I know Corrida"- a dumb play on a words inspired by the Japanese title of In the Realm of the Senses, "Ai No Corrida". And yes, I realize that's quite possibly the most tortured, film-nerdiest joke ever, but what can I say? I had nothing better to do back then.

Haven't seen this early Frears film either, which is one of the Jeremy Thomas productions that Criterion snapped up a year or so ago. This one's supposedly pretty cool, but I'm more excited for the rumored Insignificance DVD that's allegedly on the way.

This one intrigues me the most. I've never heard of Painlevé or his work, but what I've read about it since the announcement is pretty exciting. Not sure I'll shell out $50 as soon as it gets released, but I'll surely give it a look.

Finally, this month's clue from the newsletter:

That's Wings of Desire, right? If so, that's yet another one I already own. Not that I wouldn't be happy to trade up, but it's much more exciting when the titles are new to DVD.

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