Thursday, May 10, 2007

Movie Moment #12

Also this week:

When Good Directors Go Bad #3: 1941- again, sorry Dennis.

The Worst Screen Mothers of All Time, Part 1 and Part 2- I blurbed Anjelica Huston, Charlotte Rampling, Elizabeth Moody, and one more which I'll leave you to guess.


Steve said...

The fact that the monstrous Vera Cosgrove got some love on that list warms the very cockles of my heart. (Maybe a little below the cockles -- the sub-cockle region.)

Paul C. said...

Hell, I jumped at the chance to write up Vera. So many bad moms in the horror genre (many greats got cut so the list wouldn't be overrun with fright flicks) but to me it was unthinkable not to include Vera.