Thursday, April 26, 2007

Movie Moment #10

(That one's for you, Steven.)

Also this week:

When Good Directors Go Bad: Ready to Wear
- the first in a hopefully ongoing series

Nude Scenes We Just Didn't Need to See, part 1 and part 2- I somehow found time this week to blurb Robin Williams in The Fisher King, the naked unknowns in Japon, Bijou Phillips' gratuitous crotch shot in Bully, and Thandie Newton in Beloved. The last one is the real shame, since she's usually so damn hot, but yeesh- if you've seen Beloved, you'll understand. All in all, lots of fun, and all the work and sweating my next piece and slightly curtailed moviegoing habits have been worth it, just to have the opportunity to use the phrase "unencumbered girlparts" on a nationally-real Web site.

Finally, Privilege is on YouTube. Not how I'd watch it, but still- righteous.

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