Thursday, September 07, 2006

TIFF is in Toronto. I'm not. Big freakin' surprise.

My pocketbook is still pinched from the move a few months ago, so I'm sitting Toronto (and NYFF as well) out this year. But I've already started making arrangements for next year's fest, so I'm hoping that one will pan out. I'll be up there eventually, right?

In the meantime, a list of the movies I'm most excited for up there. I've skipped most of the big-ticket titles which will no doubt show up here by the end of the year anyway, though I couldn't resist including a few as counterweight for the heavier stuff. You'll recognize them when you see them.

Oh, and where the hell is INLAND EMPIRE?

Anyway, my most eagerly-anticipated films of TIFF '06, in no particular order:


Because it's Kore-eda, duh. Bonus points for the fact that it's a samurai movie, and I have no idea what to expect when this filmmaker is paired with this genre. Like if Haneke signed on to do a Bollywood musical, or P.T. Anderson collaborated with Adam Sandler. Oh wait.

Lights in the Dusk

Buzz coming out of Cannes seemed to indicate that this is second-rate Kaurismaki. But second-rate Kaurismaki is still Kaurismaki, and that's good enough for me.

The Host

Bong's last film, MEMORIES OF MURDER, put him on my radar, and coupled with great early reviews his new monster movie promises to be wicked awesome.

Brand Upon the Brain!

I fear that Maddin's filmmaking style is turning into a schtick, but the experience of seeing it premiere at TIFF- complete with orchestra, sound effects, and a narrator- sounds great.

Rescue Dawn

Recent buzz hasn't been kind to Herzog's latest, a semi-fictionalization of his earlier doc LITTLE DIETER NEEDS TO FLY. But if I know Herzog, even if it sucks it'll suck with panache, making it more interesting than most marginal successes out there.

Fay Grim

Hartley's recent films haven't exactly bowled me over. Could a follow-up to HENRY FOOL, his last really good movie, change that? Here's hoping.

Woman on the Beach

Hong, on the other hand, is riding high right now, and this film could very well continue that hot streak.

I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone

Where can Tsai's career possibly go after the climactic (ahem) pièce de resistance that concluded THE WAYWARD CLOUD?

Syndromes and a Century

It's Joe's latest. All the motivation I need.

Private Fears in Public Places

NOT ON THE LIPS proved that Resnais, even in his eighties, has still got game.

Black Book

I can normally take or leave WW2 epics, but given that this is Verhoeven's return to his native Netherlands makes this a must-see, especially when you consider the rather unique/unfortunate position that country was in during the war.


And speaking of war movies, here's Dumont's assault on the genre, and consider me pumped. Given the tepid reception TWENTYNINE PALMS had a few years ago, I don't anticipate seeing this one anytime soon. Damn.

For Your Consideration / Borat

Because after Verhoeven and Dumont, I'll need some good laughs.

Special mention: Belle Toujours

I'm not sure how to react to this, since it's a kinda-sequel to my favorite film of all time. But Oliveira isn't the sort of filmmaker who would do something like this without a reason, which makes me curious to see what he has up his sleeve. And what could it mean that Deneuve isn't involved in the film?

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