Thursday, July 27, 2006

One month later...

So I made it down to Columbus. I've actually been here almost a month now, not that most of you would know. There was a snag in getting my Internet set up, you see. Turns out they actually shipped the hardware I needed to get hooked up before I moved, so that when it arrived I wasn't there yet and it ended up getting shipped back. Several weeks of automated messages (from them) and annoyed calls (from me) later, I'm finally in.

The good news is that I found a job. I can't believe I didn't sign up with a temp agency before, since less than a week after I moved in I was putting in my first day of work. Nine-to-five work, to boot. As much fun as I sometimes had at my various movie theatres, money was becoming an issue. To say nothing of social life- now I won't have any excuse not to get out there in the evenings and on the weekends to have fun and meet women. The real question is how- I'm just so out of practice.

It's weird having to pay for movies now. I always had to pay somewhere- I'm not THAT connected- but walking into AMC and standing in line at the box office feels strange to me. Of course, that means I'll have to become slightly more selective about the mainstream stuff I see, although since even when I was working at the theatre up in Akron I wouldn't simply watch movies willy-nilly, it won't be that much of a change. It's not like I would've sat through LITTLE MAN or anything.

Anyway, expect some content in the next few weeks. I can't say how diligently I'll keep up with reviewing movies, but I have a few things in the works. I'm slowly plugging away at my long overdue 2005-in-review piece, which I intend to unveil piecemeal in order to (a) prolong the suspense/agony, (b) put off writing the whole damn thing at once while simultaneously providing fresh content for the blog, and (c) attempt to augment the visual monotony with the occasional visual aid. Let's see if this takes.

In addition, I'm planning a written tribute to one of the great comedic talents of the past half-century (or one of my faves anyway) and, more ambitiously and somewhat further down the line, a host of additions to my top 100ish films of all time list. Stay tuned to this blog- I may just surprise you.

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Jason_Alley said...

Sweet - lookin' forward to all that stuff, dude. Good to see you made the move alright and everything.

I can't imagine life anymore without call-ins, you're a braver man than I!