Sunday, December 19, 2004

We don't need bells to worship God.

So I gave up caffeine a few months ago. Aside from the somewhat-astounded looks I get from people when I tell them, I've had no trouble whatsoever with it. I've become calmer, I think, and less prone to frantic or angry outbursts. And my body has been co-operative- up until recently, that is, when it has been rebelling somewhat. I've been getting tired more easily since I gave up caffeine, but lately I've found it difficult to sleep more than a few hours at a time, or when I have, it hasn't been a particularly deep sleep.

Which brings me to the point, the reason why I'm up at 9 in the AM on Sunday, my day off, complaining on my brand-spankin'-new blog instead of snoozing as I ought to be. This morning, around 7:30, the Catholic church down the block rang its bells. This isn't the first time I've been awakened by the bell-ringing, but in the past, it's been my bad luck rather than the early hour that was to blame. Sometimes the church is given to ringing the bells in the evening while I'm napping, and one time was especially rough since I was trying to sleep off a migraine. But this time I wasn't to blame- after all, it was 7:30 in the morning, an hour when quite a few people are still sleeping, especially on a Sunday.

Now Sunday, as most people know, is the day traditionally set aside by the Catholic faith (and others besides) as the day of rest. All good Catholics are to get up and attend mass that day, and aren't supposed to work. But what about the rest of us (the folks who celebrate Festivus)? I'm certainly respectful of all kinds of religions (unlike some people: see, and as a lapsed Catholic, with many family members who are active in the Church, I've got nothing against the Church or their God, even if we aren't exactly on speaking terms. And yeah, I'm certainly glad that Bess got into heaven- she went through a lot, after all. But come the fuck on. How many Catholics were still in bed when the bells rang? Chiming bells for the entire surrounding neighborhood to hear regardless of the hour (and yes, I'd maintain that 7:30 AM on Sunday is early) is just plain inconsiderate. To say nothing of the Freedom Of Religion Is Freedom From Religion crowd, who now have more fodder for their secular-centered arguments.

As for me, as soon as I'm able, I plan to enjoy the day of rest by resting. I hope the bell-ringer doesn't get any wild ideas.

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Erik said...

Sundays should be for sleep.